Style Resolutions

No excuses, these New Years Resolutions are coming late but I still wanted to share the Style Resolutions that are on my list this year!

The first was to finally come back to blogging so yay me! But the second was a major step -make the colour leap to Rose Gold Hair. It has been pinned to my Pinterest for well over two years but after 6 solid years of various red dyes I was being told there was no way.


So I chopped off about a foot of hair, did some testing with the right colourist…


And first week of the new year, I took the plunge!


So here is a list of a few other resolutions I’d like to conquer this year:

  • try a bodycon style dress
  • work a jumpsuit into my wardrobe
  • find the perfect swimsuit
  • reorganize my closet
  • be more adventurous with my makeup

Just a few but they would be out of my typical style so I stand by my choices.

What are your Style Resolutions for 2017?



We Now Return To Our Program…

I’m blogging again! It’s a real thing that’s happening! I’m going to skip the preamble where I apologize, tell you about life and throw in a few excuses and instead just jump right to the part where we talk clothes again.Telling you all about the clothes I’m currently adding to cart or obsessing over seem like an excellent place to start again. Plus it will give you a general idea of my style (random, fun and typically too many polka dots)!

We still have a few months left of cold weather here in Ontario so no matter how hard I wish it, it’s not time for summer dresses yet. That being said, this amazing top from Forever21+ gives me a sense of satisfaction in that it’s a spring colour but looks super cozy and beyond stylish!


Grey skies and white snow seem to pair up perfectly with SocietyPlus+‘s rose gold sequin pants. I can’t help but imagine they’d look extra fabulous with my rose gold hair!


The ASOS CURVE Hummingbird Waist Belt speaks to my whimsical side. I love having unique details in every outfit and I’d love to pair this with a simple dress so all attention falls to it.


I’m fairly addicted to eShakti and their perfect fits and fantastic fabrics. I’m also pretty fond of polka dots. This shift dress is a no brainer.


I’m an avid online shopper and have had great success with these companies for fit, delivery and cost. I don’t let the online factor intimidate me but when first buying from a shoes of clothing site I will look for a few things:

  • size guide
  • shipping rates
  • return policy

I also look for a great deal or sale. I tend to make my first purchase from a site small and affordable so I can test out the sizing without making a huge leap. I know that ASOS sizes differently (UK sizing) and can run big on me where as Forever21 sizes are a bit small and their jeans are too short for my long legs! Sometimes I have the benefit of testing sizes out in store so online purchases become less intimidating but I encourage you to take the leap! If I had to shop only locally for plus size clothes I’d only have the option of Giant Tiger…