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Boxing Day, add to cart #1

You would think that post Christmas my shopping addiction would be curbed but let’s be real… Boxing Day is irresistible. The lure of all the things you didn’t receive from your wish list, suddenly being on sale, is just too good.

Boxing Day sales ensnared me with their email campaigns and I found myself gleefully adding to cart.

Let’s see what arrived first (because honestly, in the whirlwind of it all I probably already forget what’s on it’s way).

I’ve long wanted my own copy of the game for horrible people. Everyone and their obnoxious siblings owns it. I decided to order my copy in time for my son’s birthday.


It was a horribly wonderful way to celebrate his 19th birthday with him.

The other thing I finally splurged on is a milk frother!! You might thing, but Emma that sounds lame (& maybe you are right) but my frothy chai latte says otherwise. I will literally never need Starbucks again.

Lets give it a whirl shall we?

This is bringing me a stupid amount of glee. I bought the Secura milk frother linked above but scored it for only $49!

xo Fabulous

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