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Dots & Loops

Dots & Loops is the type of online store that you just know must be adorable in real life.


Based out of Lunenberg, Nova Scotia, Dots & Loops has a massive inventory of items I can almost guarantee you will love. I discovered them last year when I bought all types of fun things for Christmas Stocking Stuffers so I went back to them again this winter.

As much fun as it was to stuff stockings with adorable items from them, I of course wished I bought more.. and things for ME! Imagine my delight when I saw on Facebook that they were holding a storewide 50% off Boxing Day sale!!!!!

Cuteness ensued.

Folklore is a brand whose whimsy appeals to my artistic side. Over Christmas I gifted some close to me with their nail polish and lipgloss but this brooch was all for me.

For me, the whimsical isn’t contained to fashion elements. As seen here in our new dish towels.

Gnomes?? I mean how friggin cute can you get?! You can check out all of the housewares here.

One of the major home projects this year will be to convert the extra bedroom into a luxurious and beautiful office. Since I work from home I want the room to be as beautiful as the rest of the house and really highlight my taste. These sticky notes might seems like frivolous stationery but they are the first glimpse I’m giving at the colour palette for this dream office.

Plus, they are adorable.

I also chose a couple of really perfect and fun gifts but since they haven’t been gifted yet I’m going to hold off on those and feature them in a future post. I highly recommend, if you have anyone to buy for soon, that you check out all of the store’s gift guides.

I hope you’ll check out Dots & Loops extra adorable collection of perfect things. Tell me what you can’t resist?

XO Fabulous

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