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Boxing Day – eShaki

You are probably wondering why I’m still talking Boxing Day. Sorry. This is the last post in which I share my Boxing Day scores, I swear.

I’ve shown a few items in wish lists from eShakti but have yet to share my actual purchases. I actually do have several winter staples in heavy rotation already. I’m partial to their cotton jersey knit pieces for warmth and comfort and chic asymmetrical cuts.


I grabbed up this knitted cotton hoodie dress during their Boxing Day sale. Even at it’s regular $49.95 price it’s a great pick but 30% off made it an obvious steal. I plan to style it more as a tunic with my wide variety of leggings…. short hemlines feel a lot more scary at 40 than they did at 30. Who knew.

My second purchase is beyond adorable.


Hemline is a little longer and I feel like this will become a year round piece with leggings in the winter but bare legs come summer! Check it out here.

eShakti is pro at whimsical embellishments. They also have such a varied stock and come in a full size range that I legit challenge you to try and not find something you love. They add new styles daily so…. well I’ve already found like 5 more things I need immediately.


Why do I torment myself?


Anyways, here I am. Feeling extra cute in the new bird dress, about to enjoy a smoothie at our favourite local cafe, The Vic Cafe.

So what’s on your eShakti wish list? Or better yet, what’s in your cart??

XO Fabulous

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