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Boxing Day – eShaki

You are probably wondering why I’m still talking Boxing Day. Sorry. This is the last post in which I share my Boxing Day scores, I swear.

I’ve shown a few items in wish lists from eShakti but have yet to share my actual purchases. I actually do have several winter staples in heavy rotation already. I’m partial to their cotton jersey knit pieces for warmth and comfort and chic asymmetrical cuts.


I grabbed up this knitted cotton hoodie dress during their Boxing Day sale. Even at it’s regular $49.95 price it’s a great pick but 30% off made it an obvious steal. I plan to style it more as a tunic with my wide variety of leggings…. short hemlines feel a lot more scary at 40 than they did at 30. Who knew.

My second purchase is beyond adorable.


Hemline is a little longer and I feel like this will become a year round piece with leggings in the winter but bare legs come summer! Check it out here.

eShakti is pro at whimsical embellishments. They also have such a varied stock and come in a full size range that I legit challenge you to try and not find something you love. They add new styles daily so…. well I’ve already found like 5 more things I need immediately.


Why do I torment myself?


Anyways, here I am. Feeling extra cute in the new bird dress, about to enjoy a smoothie at our favourite local cafe, The Vic Cafe.

So what’s on your eShakti wish list? Or better yet, what’s in your cart??

XO Fabulous

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Amazon, add to cart #2

What was in my Amazon cart this week! Oh just a light box kit! This was my investment into this new blog idea so I can get some actually awesome shots of non outfit types of things. Of course how do you photograph your light box… ugh.

It will likely take me a bit to get the hang of this but let’s try it out on the other item from Amazon!

(How’s that for a product shot?!)

I don’t know of any woman around my age who doesn’t just think that Carrie Fisher was the absolute bomb. As a teenager I checked Surrender the Pink and Postcards From the Edge from the library and was thrilled with the sassy characters. I’m definitely behind on getting caught up with all her books but am excited for some cozy February days off to curl up with her last work.

What was in your cart this week? Found a new site I should be checking out? Let me know!

XO Fabulous

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Dots & Loops

Dots & Loops is the type of online store that you just know must be adorable in real life.


Based out of Lunenberg, Nova Scotia, Dots & Loops has a massive inventory of items I can almost guarantee you will love. I discovered them last year when I bought all types of fun things for Christmas Stocking Stuffers so I went back to them again this winter.

As much fun as it was to stuff stockings with adorable items from them, I of course wished I bought more.. and things for ME! Imagine my delight when I saw on Facebook that they were holding a storewide 50% off Boxing Day sale!!!!!

Cuteness ensued.

Folklore is a brand whose whimsy appeals to my artistic side. Over Christmas I gifted some close to me with their nail polish and lipgloss but this brooch was all for me.

For me, the whimsical isn’t contained to fashion elements. As seen here in our new dish towels.

Gnomes?? I mean how friggin cute can you get?! You can check out all of the housewares here.

One of the major home projects this year will be to convert the extra bedroom into a luxurious and beautiful office. Since I work from home I want the room to be as beautiful as the rest of the house and really highlight my taste. These sticky notes might seems like frivolous stationery but they are the first glimpse I’m giving at the colour palette for this dream office.

Plus, they are adorable.

I also chose a couple of really perfect and fun gifts but since they haven’t been gifted yet I’m going to hold off on those and feature them in a future post. I highly recommend, if you have anyone to buy for soon, that you check out all of the store’s gift guides.

I hope you’ll check out Dots & Loops extra adorable collection of perfect things. Tell me what you can’t resist?

XO Fabulous

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Boxing Day, add to cart #1

You would think that post Christmas my shopping addiction would be curbed but let’s be real… Boxing Day is irresistible. The lure of all the things you didn’t receive from your wish list, suddenly being on sale, is just too good.

Boxing Day sales ensnared me with their email campaigns and I found myself gleefully adding to cart.

Let’s see what arrived first (because honestly, in the whirlwind of it all I probably already forget what’s on it’s way).

I’ve long wanted my own copy of the game for horrible people. Everyone and their obnoxious siblings owns it. I decided to order my copy in time for my son’s birthday.


It was a horribly wonderful way to celebrate his 19th birthday with him.

The other thing I finally splurged on is a milk frother!! You might thing, but Emma that sounds lame (& maybe you are right) but my frothy chai latte says otherwise. I will literally never need Starbucks again.

Lets give it a whirl shall we?

This is bringing me a stupid amount of glee. I bought the Secura milk frother linked above but scored it for only $49!

xo Fabulous

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100% More Floral


When life gets a little too hectic and you have zero time to blog, you go on vacation!

I wish I could regale you with stories of wild pool parties, exotic locations and a killer tan but since I already live in on of Canada’s favourite vacation locales I spent a week off just enjoying my town and completely winding down.

It was perfection.


Day 1 – I already look less stressed, and 100% more floral.


Another new addition to my look – a Summer update for my hair! I decided for a more pink colour and blunt bangs. Pleased as (pink) punch!

Outfit Details:

Peachy Ribbed tank – Old Navy

Floral Short Kimono – Forever 21+

Denim Capris – Torrid

Blue vegan Flats   – Modcloth

Sunglasses – vintage & broke about 25 minutes later….

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The Pink Lady

Since our teen years haven’t we all wanted to be part of The Pink Ladies and wear the coveted satin jacket?


I’m not going to even dig into my love of Rizzo and pencil skits right now but I did find the perfect satin bomber for myself recently from Charlotte Russe!


I fell in love with this jacket after having seen much more expensive versions all over lately. I wasn’t ready to commit a lot of funds for this possibly fleeting fashion but this one is available in standard and plus sizes from Charlotte Russe and currently on sale for under $25!!

The Boohoo Coated denim pants from ASOS Curve were another great deal for $30 but there are only a few pairs left now and they are going for $15! Rush to ASOS for this steal but I would suggest sizing up as they were tighter than I expected.


I’m loving the sunny Spring weather and recently got the pink redone in my hair which always makes me feel wonderful.


Gorgeous watercolour floral.



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Spring Flowers


I’ve been ready for Spring sunshine for weeks now! It’s been making random appearances through my office window.


I honestly can’t remember the last time I went barefoot as opposed to warm socks and Uggs, even indoors! I’m definitely ready to bring out my Spring wardrobe now though.


I picked this hippie blouse up from the sale rack at H&M because all the detailing was too amazing to pass up! The high collar, the eyelet and the sheer back with large keyhole!!!


FYI, trying to capture a photo from behind, is the worst.

The jeans were an amazing find from Charlotte Russe which I featured on a previous Shopping Cart post. I paid $12.50 for these beauties!!


I already know these will end up being well worn throughout the Spring and Summer this year!


What are you most excited to put on this Spring?